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The FUTRO S740 is an ultra-compact flexible Thin Client device for companies that need powerful end-points with an optimal mix of industry leading OS, Thin Client device management consoles and flexible hardware options helping you provide secure computing and full productivity options for your employees.

eLux® RP 6 Thin Client OS and Scout Enterprise Management Suite® 15 Enables you to save on costs upfront and keep your IT infrastructure secure and up-to-date with continuous security patch releases: „

  • Unicon offers a flexible licensing model that includes the eLux OS and Scout Enterprise
    Management Suite with long term support for the latest updates.

Enterprise-grade Security
Enables you to provide a secure end-point device that helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive enterprise data

  • Centralized administration and granular access controls coupled with built-in BIOS Security, Write Filter Protection and Kensington lock support

Full productivity
Enables your workforce to be more productive with UC&C and multiple display options and multiple connectivity options that can get work done faster and more efficiently

  • UC&C ready with multi-monitor support for up to two 4K displays and ideal mix of modern (Type-C) and legacy interfaces

Investment Protection
Helps you run your Thin Clients on the latest and most secure versions of the eLux RP and Scout Enterprise Management Suite
„ „

  • Scout Subscription helps provide perpetual updates and upgrades to eLux RP 6 and Scout Enterprise Management Suite 15

Lean IT ready
Helps you modernize your workspaces by promoting a Lean IT, clean desk and ergonomic approach without compromising on performance

  • Small footprint, Fanless design, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) option and optimal Performance-toPower ratio


SKU: LKN:S0740P0010GB
  • Technical details Components Memory modules 4 GB (1 module(s) 4 GB) DDR4, 2,400 MT/s, SO DIMM 8 GB (1 module(s) 8 GB) DDR4, 2,400 MT/s, SO DIMM Graphics DP to DVI-D (single link) Adapter Cable Display Port to VGA Adapter Storage (internal) SSD SATA, 128 GB, M.2 module, Flash drive (TLC technology), 110 TBW* SSD SATA, 64 GB, M.2 module, Flash drive (TLC technology), 55 TBW* SSD SATA, 32 GB, M.2 module, Flash drive (MLC technology), 62 TBW* Storage notes Important Notice for M.2 Module Use: Predefined by NAND-Flash-Technology the device only supports a defined maximum number of Terabytes written. Any and all warranty for such devices is limited to this maximum Terabytes written. Please notice the section “restricted warranty” in our warranty book. Fujitsu therefore strongly recommends to activate the write filter of the M.2 module once the configuration is finished. This activation ensures the durability of the flash module and is also mandatory to ensure a highest level of IT security (e.g. against virus attacks). In case of a need to enable further write cycles the write filter can then be deactivated again at any time. *Terabytes written (TBW) calculated based on JESD-218 SSD Client workload One Gigabyte equals one billion bytes, when referring to hard disk drive capacity. Interface add on cards/components (optional) Internal speaker Serial Port Power-over-Ethernet module, IEEE802.3at (max. 25.5W system power), limited cable length = max. 75 meters Base unit FUTRO S740 Operating system and software (Linux) Operating system eLux® RP Notes eLux® is a hardware-independent operating system for cloud computing environments. eLux ensures hardware independence and migration ability. An existing license can simply be transferred via Scout Enterprise whenever the hardware is upgraded. New updates and upgrades are always built modular – only the changed parts (delta) of the software are transferred to the device and implemented into the existing installation. Software updates and upgrades are available around the clock at Functions eLux® RP 6 Citrix Receiver VMware® Horizon Client Updates and optional software packages are available at Manageability Scout Enterprise, flash memory management, embedded operating system update and system monitoring, managing devices by location, group or user, individual operating system composition with ELIAS (eLux and Scout Enterprise Management Suite license required) Operating system and software (Windows 10 IoT) Operating system Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB Notes Windows 10 Support: After the end of the product life FUJITSU will continue to test and support all upcoming Window 10 releases for a period of maximum 5 years – depending on the available extension of hardware services through FUJITSU Warranty top ups. For details please see “FUJITSU Service Statement for Windows 10 Semi-Annual-Channel Support” at Functions Internet Explorer Citrix Receiver VMware® Horizon Client Mainboard Mainboard type D3544-A1 Formfactor miniSTX Processor Intel® Celeron® processor J4105 (Quad Core, 1.5 GHz, up to 2.5 GHz, Intel® UHD Graphics 600) (, )

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