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Fantastic. From sound to image.
OLED+ 4K UHD Android TV


  • Sound of Bowers & Wilkins
  • TV with 4-sided Ambilight
  • P5 AI Dual Picture Engine
  • Android TV

More immersive than ever. Four-sided Ambilight.
Watching an OLED+ TV becomes even more magical with our advanced Ambilight. The Ambilight halo around the TV is more detailed and defined than ever and changes color perfectly with the colors on the screen. It's so immersive you'll wonder how you ever enjoyed TV without Ambilight.

Immersive 3D sound. Bowers & Wilkins with Dolby Atmos.
The beautiful 5.1.2 Bowers & Wilkins sound enclosure brings vibrant, lifelike performance to everything you watch or listen to. Up-firing and surround speakers send sound up and back for an even more immersive sound. The iconic tweeter-top design delivers crystal-clear dialogue and vocals.

Whatever you look at, the image is lifelike. P5 Dual AI Engine.
Two AI-powered processors deliver lifelike images that make you feel like you're there. An algorithm based on deep learning processes images much like the human brain does. Whatever you're watching, you'll enjoy lifelike details and contrasts, rich colors and smooth movement.

A great viewing experience in all lighting conditions.
Blacks are stunning, and our brightest image lets you see every detail in shadow or light in pixel-perfect HDR. If you're watching in a brightly lit room, your TV will automatically adjust, so you always get the best experience.

Take IMAX home with you. IMAX Enhanced Certified.
Welcome to Hollywood! With your Philips OLED+ TV you can experience the full impact of films originally made for the IMAX cinemas. Immerse yourself in a much greater sense of scale. See more in every scene. In combination with Ambilight it will be a movie night you will never forget.

Cinema quality picture and sound. Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.
With Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, your movies, shows and games sound great. See the picture the way the director wanted it to show you: no disappointing scenes that are too dark to see properly! Hear every word clearly. Experience sound effects as if they are really happening around you.

Philips Wireless Home System with DTS Play-Fi.
The Philips Wireless Home System with DTS Play-Fi lets you connect to compatible wireless speakers in your home in seconds. Listen to the movie in the kitchen while you make a snack. Play music anywhere. Stay tuned for that big game with the commentary if you have to leave the room.

Epic games. Ultra-low latency 120 Hz. G-sync, VRR, Freesync.
Limitless gaming. Your OLED+ TV with HDMI 2.1 lets you make the most of your next-gen gear with super-fast gameplay and incredibly smooth graphics. Make that jump, turn around in an instant or drift perfectly through a turn, while the Ambilight game mode ensures that the excitement builds up.

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