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Samsung 75" QE75T UHD Crystal 4K Commercial Display | QE75T

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75" QE75T Commercial Display

Upgrade Your Business With Efficient Digital Displays
• Engage customers with lifelike UHD images.
• Deliver UHD-level picture quality even with lower resolution content through Crystal Processor 4K.
• Easily manage display content with MagicINFO Lite solution.

Key Features
Upgrade Your Business With Efficient Digital Displays
Samsung’s QET series features intelligent upscaling technology that displays all content in eye-catching UHD resolution along with a boundless design and simple content management features.

Incredible UHD Picture Quality
Samsung’s QET series is able to capture customer attention by providing an incredibly clear picture, showcasing lifelike images in advanced picture quality than ever before.

Crystal Display
Samsung’s QET series features a Crystal Display which optimizes color tones without distortion, ensuring each backlight unit is fine-tuned to match each color filter and create a clear native white.

Crystal Processor 4K
Intelligent UHD upscaling technology, made possibly by Samsung’s Crystal Processor 4K, allows content developed at a lower resolution to be elevated to UHD-level quality. It also performs edge restoration and noise reduction to optimize on-screen text and imagery.

Boundless Design for an Immersive Experience
The boundless design of the display is optimized to allow the viewer to be completely immersed by content and the display seamlessly integrates into any business environment.

Integrated Content Management Solution
With a range of on-demand images and videos, MagicINFO Lite Player makes content management easier than ever before. New content can be added from a personal computer or USB drive by connecting directly to the display.

Samsung 75" QE75T UHD Crystal 4K Commercial Display | QE75T